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List of our Standard Products

Tilted Plate Oil Interceptors

For enhanced gravity separation of immiscible liquids via inclined parallel plates and coalescing media. Self contain above-ground and in-ground parts kits.


  • Rainwater run-off
  • Industrial oily waste at power stations, rail yards, maintenance depots, transport depots, waste treatment facilities, oil storage sites and any other industrial sites.
  • Treatment of ship ballast and bilge.

Tramp Oil Separators

Free oil removal from water or soluble coolants to <15mg/l

For separation of any two immiscible liquids of differing specific gravity at a greatly enhanced rate.


  • Coolant Systems
  • Industrial Washers
  • Factory Sumps
  • Effluent Streams

Lamella Settlers

Primary wastewater solids settling and thickening via inclined parallel plates and bottom sludge-cones in sizes up to 100m3/h.


  • Primary settlement of wastewater
  • Final clarification of biologically treated wastewater
  • Electrocoagulation discharge
  • Surface water run-off
  • Drinking water purification

Dissolved Air Flotation Plants

These are used for the removal of small particulate matter and oil droplets, for which gravity separation can be extremely slow, requires an alternative process. Removal of free and emulsified oils and fats, reduction of C.O.D. and T.S.S. with clarification in sizes up to 100m3/h.


  • Refinery wastes, power stations, rail yards and other diesel based activities.
  • Marine ballast/bilge water treatment
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Hydroxide wastes
  • Food industry waste with a high proportion of vegetable oil and organic matter in suspension
  • Abbatoir/Dairy and poultry waste

CJB Refurbishment

Interceptors manufactured by both CJB Developments and Environmental Engineering were manufactured and installed between 1960 and mid- 1990’s. Many of these are in-ground concrete sump type units that have now fallen into disrepair. These original companies are no longer in business so we offer full site surveys, equipment refurbishment and replacement parts for these old units.

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