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Flow rate, or volume to be treated?

Is the flow steady or variable? If variable, then what is the peak flow rate.

Where is the source of the waste stream and is it gravity fed to the treatment plant, or pumped?

What is the objective of the oil separator, and do any particular dischage consent limits need to be met?

Where is the clarified water flowing to after the oil separator system?

Is the clarified water gravity discharged, or does it need pumping out?

Where will the oil that is recovered by the separator be stored? Is there a local tank, or does it need pumping to a remote tank somewhere on site?

What is the plant running time? e.g. 24h/day, 2-shift, days per week etc?

Is the location of a separator within an ATEX or Eexd zone? If so, what is the required zone? Are controls required, and if so then can the control panel be sited in a safe zone? What is the mains voltage at site for any power supply?

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